Teaching Philosophy

"What is best in music is not found in the notes."

-Gustav Mahler

The job of a music teacher is not to teach the notes on the page. A music educator’s job is to give students new life experiences and provide them with the opportunity to experience success. A master teacher has a great understanding of the subject matter and can teach students to appreciate and understand the purpose of the subject. A good teacher teaches the curriculum, but a great teacher inspires students to better themselves. As a teacher, I want to teach my students to show pride and discipline in their music, but most importantly, to be passionate about it. The music educator’s role is to create advocates for music throughout the world and spread an appreciation for the universal language that is the arts.

Music is an emotional release. A chance to be part of something greater than one's self. An opportunity to work towards a common goal in a group setting. A chance to perform and find out more about yourself as a person. In what other disciplines do we learn about beauty? Where do students realize what "beautiful" is? Without the arts, humanity would not have anything to read or write about. As a music educator, the number one job is to advocate for music education in our schools and teach students about themselves and the history of the human condition through music.