Lisa Sunset Holt is excited to continue her career as a choir director. Born in a family of gospel musicians, they raised with music in mind. From piano lessons to playing the cello in orchestra to singing in the Texas All-State Choir, she has had a voracious passion for music.

Mrs. Holt has taught across Texas, in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. Her choirs have consistently received sweepstakes ratings at UIL contests, as well as sending over thirty-five students to the TMEA All-State Choir. During her years at The University of Texas, Mrs. Holt studied voice, music education, and conducting under Weston Noble, James Morrow, Rose Taylor, and Suzanne Pence. She has performed throughout the nation and across Europe, including roles for the Austrian American Mozart Academy in Salzburg and the musical theater stage. One of her most rewarding moments as an educator was directing a new John Mackey piece with her Varsity Mixed Choir at the 2019 TMEA Convention. She has always enjoyed the choral experience and states, "Choir helps people feel like they’re a part of something important, it’s not just about the music-making, it’s about the community you build with your peers.”

Raised in Austin, Mrs. Holt has become familiar with choir programs’ customs and practices in Texas. She holds many professional leadership roles with TMEA and UIL and is charging a path for music education in America. She now lives with her husband Jeff along with their two sons, Davis and Jackson, in Georgetown